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East Lansdowne Replacement Window Contractor

East Lansdowne Replacement Windows

Are you think of replacing windows in East Lansdowne but still are unsure of whether or not you should. the following are some good reasons to consider having your homes windows replaced.

  1. Save Energy According to the Department of Energy's EnergyStar program, you can save several hundred dollars in energy bills per year over your current windows.
  2. Reduce Drafts Even the least expensive vinyl replacement windows will cut the drafts in your house to nearly nothing.
  3. No Painting Vinyl replacement windows do not need to be painted--ever.
  4. Cost Effective Vinyl replacement windows are less expensive than other window alternatives such as wood, aluminum, or fiberglass windows.
  5. May be Eligible for Rebates If you purchase EnergyStar-rated windows, they may be eligible for rebates from the EnergyStar program or even from your local energy company.
  6. Lo-E Coatings Your current windows almost certainly don't have Lo-E (low emissivity) coating, which reduces the passage of UV rays into your house. Most new vinyl replacement windows have Lo-E coating.
  7. Better Sound Barrier Double-paned windows are now the industry standard, even in non-extreme climates. In addition to saving energy, double-paned windows make your house quieter.
  8. Windows That Open and Close With Ease Like opening your windows on a nice spring day? Can't do this with your current stuck-in-place windows? Even low-priced vinyl replacement windows have adequate balance systems to allow easy opening and closing--and they stay open when you want them to.
  9. Breakage Warranty Did Junior throw a baseball through your new window? Some window companies or window manufacturers may offer full breakage warranties as a sales incentive.
  10. Easier Cleaning Tilt-in windows are pretty much the standard for windows now. Tilt-in windows mean you don't have to go outside to clean the windows. Especially good if you have a two-story house!


Many window companies offer extra goodies as an incentive to sign a contract. So in addition to getting your windows replaced, you may also get free gutters or exterior window cladding as part of the deal!

Our trained professionals have been serving the East Lansdowne area for years and have the knowledge and the experience needed to ensure that you have the best possible home window solutions. For large or small home there is no other contractor in the area that can match our professional experts so give them a call today and see what they can do for you. Call Windows Plus for your next window replacement project today!

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If you live in East Lansdowne and you're looking for professionally installed Replacement Windows, Doors, Vinyl Siding or a great Roofing Contractor, call Windows Plus today at 610-572-4733 or complete our online request form.